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May Kamandag Ba Ang Sawa

May kamandag ba ang sawa – May kamandag ba ang mga mahahabang binti ng tatay. Gaganda ang kinabukasan natin kapag may naitabi tayong pera. Philippine Pit Viper Trimeresurus F Flavomaculatus Local Name Dukalpa Virac Venomous May Kamandag Location Santo Nino Virac Status Least Concern Iucn Lc Distribution Endemic To Philippines Philippine Islands Of Agutayan Bohol Camiguin May kamandag ba ang …

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‘AI is Trained in the Collective Activities of Humanity’: How Artists Use Image Creators to Deliver the New ‘Recombinant Art’ Movement

In recent months, there have been bizarre collages popping up on Twitter feeds featuring unlikely and occasionally scary photos that each represent some sort of funny prompt. Examples include “the demogorgon from Stranger Things holding basketballs, “” just fans of the plague doctor, “and” archaeologists who discovered a plastic chair. “ Many will recognize these posts as a result of …

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